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Below is the September 2012 Schedule 

The schedule includes current and archived shows from LCR & KVfm

Archived shows are identified with an A 

A guide to the shows in the schedule is below

BL – ‘Big Lunc’h a community magazine show presented by LCR volunteer teams with news, views and interviews. Live every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12-2pm, repeated each day at 6-8am 6-8pm and 10pm-12 and weekends from 12-6pm

TOTU – Tales of the Unexplained presented by Peter Burcher

The Orange Show – Local music show  presented by Dogstar Rose

Jazz – presented by Michael Swerdlow and the Liverpool Jazz organisation

RR –  Reading Room presented by Wendy Miller, live monthly book club review and discussion

Loop – Liverpool arts and culture show presented by Stephen Faragher

L&C – Loud and Clear show presented by trainees from the Loud & Clear organisation

Schools - variety of shows produced and presented by local schools

Showcase – first time shows by new volunteer presenters

Titanic – drama production in conjunction with the Rotunda Community College for the Titanic Centenary Event

Public Radio - American Public Radio Shows Prairie Home Companion and Freakanomics


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